Rebuild Service: Includes disassembly, inspection, thorough cleaning, replacement of seals, O-Rings and Shock Oil, and nitrogen recharge. 

Revalve Service: Includes disassembly, inspections, replacement of valving shims, bleed screws, bypass valve, or bypass springs. 

Repair Service: Includes repair (example: welding bypass tube) or replacement of damaged parts (example: DU bushing, shaft, body, piston)

$115 each

2.0 IFP

2.0 Emulsion

2.0 Bump Stop

2.5 Air Shocks

2.5 Bump Stop

2.5 Emulsion

$135 each

2.0 Remote Reservoir CO

2.0 Piggyback CO

2.5 Remote Reservoir CO

2.5 Coilover

2.5 Piggyback

$155 each

2.0 Bypass

2.5 Bypass

2.5 Internal bypass

3.0 Remote Reservoir CO

3.0 internal bypass

3.0 bypass

OEM Raptor Front w/o Coil

OEM Raptor Rear

$200+ each

3.0 IBP Race Series

3.5 bypass

4.0 bypass

4.4 bypass

4.5 bypass

ADS - KING - fox - Radflo - bilstein - foa - walker evans - sway-a-way - icon

Shocks Nitrogen Charge / Gas Fill (included with shock service) $15each

Shock Cleaning Fee: Shocks received covered in excessive dirt, or those that require more than normal amount of cleaning, will be subject to a shock cleaning fee. Please clean your shocks prior to dropping off for service to avoid this fee. $25 each.


Spring R & I: Shocks that require us to remove and reinstall springs, will be subject to spring R&I fee. Please remove spring, prior to dropping off for service to avoid this fee. $25 each.

Appearance changes to shocks/springs can include - powder coating re-plating,anodizing,cerakoting
call or email for pricing

Pricing is dependent on the shocks being in generally good, maintained condition.