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ecu tuning

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basic pricing

GM DOD OR VATS DISABLE                             $225

STREET TUNE BOLT ONS                                 $425

STREET TUNE FOR SWAP/MODDED               $625

DYNO TUNES GM/FORD/DODGE                   $825

HOLLY EFI SYSTEMS                                        $750

We want your tune to go as smooth as possible, therefore, please make sure your vehicle is full of fuel when dropped off for your appointment. If we need to add fuel during the tuning process it will be a $25 charge plus $1/gallon premium added to retail fuel prices.

Make sure you have the correct spark plugs for your setup and wires are in good shapes. All fluids should be checked for levels and in good condition.

If any diagnostic procedures are required, there could be additional charges.

We look forward to helping make your vehicle run its best. $100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule an appointment. 

ECU that require firmware updates will be charged $50 to preform this task.

****We DO NOT do custom tuning on Diesel Engines****

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