The Family Huckster

This 2008 GMC Sierra is one of our favorite builds we have had here at the shop. This truck has a custom Lenger Racing roll cage, engine cage, back-half, bumper, trailing arms, and too many other custom touches to mention. It sports a custom Mazzulla Long Travel kit up front with King Shocks on all 4 corners. It is powered by a 454 LSX motor backed by a Maximum Off-road Transmissions 4l80e. 

1969 Jeep Gladiator

This 1969 Jeep was a fun and interesting build for the shop. We tore off the original suspension, and replaced it with 2008 Escalade suspension components in the front. We then installed an Escalade 6.2l LS motor also. For the rear suspension we built custom leaf spring mounts and shock mounts. Other custom touches include a Jeep CNC etched skid plate.

2011 Raptor "Rapturd"

For this 2011 Raptor we fabricated a full custom cab cage, back half, 4 links, fuel tank, engine cage, and bumper. We have added a CBR transmission cooler and a new power steering system system. This truck is equipped with a 6.2l motor and the interior was topped off with PRP seats and a custom center console. Since our work the owner has added twin I-beams and crossover steering.

Reboot Buggy

The Reboot buggy was a job that we helped finish. This buggy was a concept from Joey Ruiter. We changed the motor over from carburetors to fuel injection, re-worked the trailing arms, built new motor mounts, and also did lots of wiring and finish work. This is a one of a kind build.

2001 Silverado Prerunner

This is one of our ongoing builds in the shop. For this build we have installed a T.E. Designs roll cage kit, and have completed a full custom back-half 4-link suspension. This truck has a Mazzulla Long Travel kit up front with King Shocks and bump stops on all 4 corners. It includes a custom engine cage and body work to make this truck perfect when it is finished. The interior features a custom center console and PRP seats and harnesses.

2012 Chevrolet Silverado

This build is in it's first stage, but still has the top quality of a completed build. This truck has Brenthals' Baja Race Kit which required a large amount of customization to fit. It is supported by King 3.0 Race Series Coilovers and Triple Bypasses and cycles 17" of travel while still maintaining 4wd. The rear is undersprung deavers and 3.5"x18" King Triple Bypasses, a bolt in bed cage, and custom bumpers front and rear. The interior features PRP suspension seats and Crowe 5 point harnesses to keep the occupants in their seats. The truck is powered by a 6.2L LS.

This customer has incredibly high standards for his truck, and we are looking forward to working to continue achieving them on the upcoming stages of his build.

Custom Dune Truggy

This truggy came to us with a destroyed rear end from a big jump at the end of the previous season. Knowing the owner would be throwing as much as he could at the truck we rebuilt the entire rear end from the cab back. Everything from the chassis to the axle was rebuilt or replaced. We also tuned the new motor for maximum performance.

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